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What is a Turnkey Formula?

It is the best 'little kept secret' online, that people are not telling about.
They are not becoming millionaire's but they do earn substantial amounts of extra cash streams of income....But why would they tell. The less competition the more money for the goose. right?
~What is the Secret?~They are small army of mini 1 to 5 page cash generating websites that people in over 200 countries around the world are accumulating small quiet fortunes... Some folks own 100's if not thousands of these great performing mini sites. If you think about it, the internet is never turned off, it's on 24/7.... 365 days a year. Even after you finish reading this article, stop surfing, turn off your computer; go to sleep, get into a nice deep sleep start know angelina jolie or brad pitt... or maybe you bathing in a bathtub of $100 dollar bills or whatever a nice dream is to you...The WWW stays on. People just like you are doing right now, somewhere in the world will be surfing the net and visiting these mini sites. So the viewing audience is huge with a capital

I will not keep you in suspense. I will reveal the secret right now. It's simple. The more of these little websites you have running for you or should I say the more website employees you have working for you the more streams of income you can generate. Easy right? No, simple but not easy. I will not lie to you. Just like anything you get involved with, it takes a bit of hard work , blind ambition, desire and dedication and of course results will vary, from individual to individual. But these little 'rock stars' or mini sites have an audience or a worldwide following. We all know it's not hard for a rock star to perform if they already have a following. All they have to do is show up and deliver. I don't want to forget mention you don't pay these employees they pay you.
~Turnkey Website?~If you are not sure what a turnkey website is. Well it is a website that can range from a 1 page static page to 5 or more pages it is sold as a completely operational functional interactive site with complete scripts forms shopping carts, Affiliate programs, on line hosting etc. everything you need to run the on line business is basically supplied. You need not know very much if anything at all about building a website. Hence the term turnkey all the buyer of the Web Site has to do is turn the key and start up the website engine and they are up and running.
~You own it 100%~Its sorta like a condo on the WWW. World Wide Web you buy it and you pay only the monthly hosting fees. Most companies start you out with limited waived hosting fees without a contract so if you have to move your site to a new web host you are free to do so. The beauty of this is that it belongs to you its 100% yours for you to run as your online business. If it appreciates in value and most websites often do after a period of time you can sell your website just like you would a real estate property or condo. And yes people do sell and flip websites just like a house. Buyer beware however. If you invest in a turnkey website make sure you do your research.
~Give The People What They Want~
Because there are 10's of thousands of sites and products out there. I suggest if and and when you start find the right on line Niche and target a particular Demographic group. Make sure you are up on the current on line trends and find a product of what people want most. Finding Niches are easier said than done but if you do your research and find the right product that is lucrative It will no doubt sell a lot of units for you What's Hot Right Now! Is Downloads movie, music and Wii game downloads right onto your computer My blogspot explains a bit more in detail it also has a turnkey reviews section and turnkey articles visit it if you get a chance at
turnkey reviews
Late night Info-Mercial
Well you probably have been up late at night and seen info-mercials on this subject but may or may not know that this is what they were talking about. An entrepreneur on late with 2 gorgeous ladies explainging how you can get a shortcut to mass millions is one. Turnkey Websites are not new they have been around for over a decade now. ~Turnkey Websites Prices~ A good high end Turnkey website usually run from $300 - $600 and usually includes several months or so of free hosting or a discount if you continue. You will get sells and business. The key however is units, units and units. The more units you sell the more money you will make and be able to expand on different products an maintain your on line overhead.
~Can Anyone Do This?~
Absolutely, yes. As a matter of fact many people do? People participate in over 200 countries worldwide. No matter where you are sitting reading this article right now. There is an even playing field. You can do this too. I want to be honest with you. Anyone can do this and make money with just three hours a day of work but you will have to learn a lot in detail about Internet Marketing before hand on how to drive people to your site. So at first you may be spending more than three hours a day reading up on information on the computer but after you get the protocol or routine down you will spend less and less time on line.

~Why Should you do this?~

There are of course thousands of reasons but I will give you 10 good reasons why you should get started on this.
  •  The internet is always turned on. Even after you turn your computer off people are always surfing the web 24/7 so yes even when you are in bed asleep in a good dream someone will visit your site.
  •  You will make money even in this tough economic climate.
  •  Create an extra stream of income
  •  Turnkey e-commerce websites allow you to work part time or full time from your computer
  •  They have very low overhead
  •  You can participate no matter where you live in the world.
  •  Even if you do not own a computer you could do this from an Internet cafe.
  •  Money can be deposited into a pay pal account or directly into your bank account.
  •  Treat your website like and employee it makes the money for you
  •  Eventually of course fire your boss

Where Can You find Established Turnkey Website Companies?
My Product Center
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Built 2 Go

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A website owner and blogger.

A mentoring program of sorts designed to teach the serious blogger or website owner to improve their quality of life through residual income from Internet businesses. part time or full time
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